Here’s a list of things you most definitely don’t want to forget. Some apply to only in-residence campers. Some are ‘duh’ sort of items, but you’d be surprised…

  • Completed health form and concussion information form (see below)
  • Soccer shirts, shorts, socks, ball (pumped up please) & gloves (some will be available for purchase if needed)
  • Indoor flat soccer shoes (‘just in case’ for indoor training)
  • Flip flops or soccer sandals (no cleats allowed in the dining areas)
  • Outdoor soccer shoes (will be a turf surface)
  • Shin guards
  • Any special wraps, braces or tape you may need (trainer will have limited supply)
  • Casual clothes or dorm wear for in-residence campers
  • Toiletries
  • Linens and pillow (extra long twin) – mattress supplied in dorm room
  • Small amount of cash for misc items (late night pizza, snacks, etc.)
  • Electric fan (optional as dorm rooms DO have AC)
  • Gatorade or similar (optional as dorms also have refrigerators)


Camp Shutout West Michigan Medical Waiver Form

Concussion Awareness Form

DU Climbing Wall Waiver Form