While we can tell you about our training and camps and how it will improve a goalkeeper, why not let those that have experienced it tell you.

Clark Keeper Training

“Clark Keeper Training is an incredible training program. John is definitely one of the best keeper trainers that I’ve ever had and without him and his work, I would not be the keeper I am today. He will work with your schedule and do everything in his power to make you a better keeper. His training sessions are not only challenging, but you learn something new every time. He adds humor into his sessions in order to better connect with the players, and in order to make training a bit more fun in the midst of a tough workout. John has vast knowledge that he passes on to each player in order for them to improve their game as best as possible. He enjoys every aspect of them game as well as making keepers better all around players and people. I could not tell you how grateful I am for everything that John has done to make me the keeper I am as well as being there for me as a coach. I would recommend Clark Keeper Training to anyone and everyone who wants to become as good of a keeper as they come. Also, check out the Camp Shutout West Michigan Road Show that he puts on every year. Class act all around.

“My daughter has trained with John for more than 1 year, less than 2 years. John is a very positive instructor, he dwells on the positive, corrects the negative and moves forward with the patience that most parents do not have – especially me. CKT has made a big improvement in my daughters performance & abilities as many of her teammates parents have given me their unsolicited feedback about the improvement that my daughter displays on the field. CKT is certainly not in it for the money, rather CKT is in it for the love of the position and the associated training.
Now for the deficits: John is a GB Packers fan……..”

“Just wanted to share some exciting (and a proud keeper Mom moment) as Ava’s U11 team participating the Grand Valley soccer tournament this weekend, their team won 1st place!! While Ava did not have a ton of “saving” opportunities, the ones she made were key! The championship ended in a 0-0 tie, so it went to a PK shoot out! So proud of how calm and together she seemed, between every shot she clapped hands with the opponent keep, which was such great sportsmanship! But what really set the tone was Ava made a great diving save to stop the very first PK! She went on to stop 3 total! Her team had a few missed shots, but they ended up winning the shoot out 5-4! What an experience for Ava, one I am sure she will never forget! Ava wanted to make sure I emailed you to let you know her keeper training was in full swing last weekend!”

“She is learning!!!  Last night at our team camp, she was yelling “keeper” loud and clear.  And then she had to set up for an indirect kick.  She took charge and set the girls in place.  I was very impressed–of course, she stopped the shot!!!  She is really enjoying the extra goalie training.”


Camp Shutout West Michigan

“On our drive to camp on Sunday, she was very nervous/excited and did not know what to expect, as this was her first year.  She expressed to me reservations about not knowing anyone, and not knowing how she would measure up against the other keepers.  However, on Sunday night when she called me, she did not stop talking about all the great people she was meeting and the skills she would be learning over those next few days.  Those calls did not stop the entire time she was at camp.  By the time I picked her up on Wednesday, she did not want to come home!  She had a wonderful time and felt she learned so much while she was there.  She did not stop telling me about everything she did (some things she was telling me for the second time) and what a GREAT learning experience it was for her.  She said she loved that the staff really interacted with them, even back in the dorms.  She really enjoyed her roommates, and by the end loved getting to know all the keepers at camp.
I cannot thank you enough from myself, and Monica, for this wonderful experience – all of it:  in residence; the staff, the food, the sponsors.  You have surrounded yourself with wonderful people and that shows in this camp.  Thank you! Thank you!”

“Aly gained so much from this – not just from the technical side but also an internal growth for her. She walked off the field extremely intimidated – and honestly – she liked that challenge. She was up against bigger, faster and more athletic kids – kids that were “insane” on the field – and it scared her. This is the experience any athlete needs to go through to get to the next step. The coaching staff was great and the fact that you all were able to teach at such a high level yet keep “fun” instilled into this is what makes kids want to play sports. It was said the first day – this will be an extremely intense camp but the key is to still have fun.  Thanks to you and Stan and all the staff .  I would strongly encourage anyone who plays the keeper position to sign up for the “road show” anytime it is available.”

“A note of THANKS for a great camp.  Nora had a WONDERFUL time at both the road show in GR and the camp at Marquette.  She is relatively new to the goalie position and very eager to learn how to be better.  On our drive home she shared a few things with me that I think you will enjoy.  She really liked the coaches; they not only corrected what you were doing incorrectly but most told you how to do it better.  Stan, I feel the difference between a good coach and a great coach is just that, a good coach can spot an incorrect move, a great coach can spot it and then make suggestions for corrections.  Nora also mention the diversity of the coaches and that it  was positive.  She liked that the focus was on all on goalie skills and not swimming or Frisbee as fillers. Her energy was high when she got in the car and for a teenager I felt that was good the last 5 hours of the drive she slept.  Thanks again for your POSITIVE words of wisdom you shared with the campers.   It was well worth the drive and a shut out experience.”

“My son attended the Grand Rapids Camp last week. He was slightly disappointed to learn the camp was held the same week as an annual local soccer camp he’s been to in the past, and that his travel team was signing up to attend (Hope Camp at Hope College).  Therefore, he attended Shut-Out insisting on learn ‘something new.’ At the end of the week, he told me that it was a good choice!  He learned several new techniques, ideas, drills, stretches, to assist his performance.  In fact, as a leader on his high school team, he shared a new stretch with the team at conditioning on Friday.  (They’ve dubbed the move the “Kendall”) I enjoyed the Keeper Wars.  Noticing that the camp numbers were small and there was more one-on-one instruction made the dollar-value much higher! Thanks!”

I want to share with you a great moment in Gracie’s goalkeeper career.  Yesterday we played in the championship game at the Crusader Cup.  Gracie was only scored on 3 times the entire tournament—her goal was for a shutout but as you know things happen sometimes.  This was our team’s first championship match in our four or five years together.  The game ended up going into overtime and then to a shootout.  I went down and talked to Gracie prior to the start of the shootout.  Her friend and fellow Camp Shutout goalkeeper Auston Ruth was on the sideline for the game to watch and I could tell he was itching to come over to talk to Gracie.  I waved for him to come over and he sprinted over to pump her up for this moment in her career.  It was so cool to stand back and watch the two of them talk goalie talk.  After leaving her, I stood back and watched her do her thing.  When it was her turn on the line, she took her time and did her jumps and stretches just like she learned at Camp Shutout.  She was calm and cool and determined.  Each shooter from the opposing team missed the goal and we ended up winning 2-0 in the shootout.  As one of her coaches, it was awesome to see her so composed and confident in the situation and I have no doubt the shooters were intimated by her.  As her mom, the biggest highlight was to watch her slap gloves with the opposing keeper in between turns.

I want to thank you and the Camp Shutout staff for preparing Gracie for this moment.  Hopefully, this doesn’t happen very often—I don’t know if my heart can take it.  J  But if it does happen again, I know now that Gracie knows what to do.  I think things would have turned out differently had she not had the training from Camp Shutout!!!!!